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Farm and Ranch

Grass, alfalfa, and mix hay. Small bales 100 bale
minimum, also 3X3
10 bale minimum.

Free and you transport!
5 sheep (4 ewes and 1 ram) and 3 black pygmy goats. They’ve been together their whole lives and now their caretaker has passed away. Someone please give them
a good home where they
can be together. Ask about
the chickens! 970.314.1968
OR 970.858.3748.

2019 Montrose Grass Hay
1st cutting, $6/ bale
QT. left 160.
2nd cutting, $5.50/ bale
QT. left 100.

Cow’s milk (raw),
available locally,
reasonable prices, A2A2
milk with cream on top, also kefir and vanilla
yogurt available! Call
970-858-8669. Go healthy!

Alfalfa grass, $5.50
3x3 Alfalfa grass, $70.
3x3 grass with wheat in
the boot cow hay, $45.
970-858-5220, Mack.

Excellent 2019 1st cut
horse grade grass hay
from ungrazed fields.
No rain, barn stored,
$4/bale. Montrose.

Quality grass hay,
barn stored,
small bales, $5.50/ bale.
Call Stan 970-640-6880.

Grass/Alfalfa mix, small bales, $6 per bale, Cow hay,
$4 per bale. Cash Only.
Call 970-250-7936.

Grass hay, 60# bales, $5.50 per bale, weekends only, can deliver. 970-260-6000.

Excellent grass hay, horse quality. 3x3x8 bales, $65 each.

Grass hay, premium quality, barn stored,$6 per bale, cash only please. 970-640-7331 Fruita area.

High Elevation Bulls for sale in northeastern Utah.
Sires are Crumb, 5L ,Sutherlin Farms and K2 Red angus. Will be tric and seman tested and fed for free till may 1st $2,500.
Bar Lazy TL Ranch

Hay for sale, Grass/alfalfa mix, 3x3x8 bales, $75.
Call 970-623-5908

Alfalfa $9, Mixed $8.50 to $9, Grass $8.50, Straw $5, certified Straw $6, small to large
deliveries available. Fruita Call Mark 970-640-3956.

Alfalfa/ Orchard grass mix hay, 3x3x8 bales, no rain, clean barn stored, $70 per bale.

Year round horse pasture, checked on daily, salt, mineral and water pond, clean pasture
and fence, Delta area.
ALSO excellent grass mix hay, net- wrapped round bales.