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Pasture and Feed

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Horse hay, 3x3, $80.
Cow hay, 3x3, $45.
Straw, $40.
Pick-up thru Semi delivery available. Fruita area.
Lowell 970-640-6691.

Hay, Alfalfa /grass mix, 70 lb bales, clean, stored in barn, $7 per bale, cash only.

Grass Hay, first & third
cuttings. Horse quality $6. Cow hay $4. Longer than usual small bales.
leave message please.

Excellent horsehay, 100%
orchard grass, 60 lb bales, barn stored, $6.00 per bale.
Call Brian 970-250-3738

Bright yellow, tight
covered bales straw,
$5 Premium small bales
alfalfa in the barn, 60-70#, $9. Grass/alfalfa mix, $9.
Certified grass $11. Large
alfalfa or grass $160 each. Large 2nd cutting new
seeding grass/alfalfa/oats cow hay, no rain $120 each. Large oat hay $90 each.
Lynn Eby 970-216-3630.
Loma area.

Grass hay 3x3x8 bales,
$60 each.
3x4x8 corn stocks, $45 each. Minimum 20 bales.

Good horse quality grass hay, second cutting, no rain,
heavy bales, covered,
Volume discount.
Green oat hay, no rain, heavy bales, covered $5.25/bale.
Volume discount.

Grass horse hay $7. Loma,
900 bales. Leave message.

Small bales horse hay, straight alfalfa, straight grass, and
grass/alfalfa mix,
$5 per bale first cutting,
$6 per bale for the rest. Millet hay, 4x4x8 bales, $135 a ton.
Rained on Alfalfa hay, 4x4x8 bales, $135 per bale. Oat hay, 4x4x8 bales, $90 per bale.

Top quality grass hay
3x3 bales, Loma.
$65 per bale.

Horse hay, no rain, no mold, barn stored, $6/ bale, Fruita.
I will help load.

Excellent grass horse hay,
60lb bales, covered,
Fruita area,
$6/ bale, cash only.

Good alfalfa hay for sale.
Call 970-434-3511 or

Grass/Alfalfa hay 70/30 mix 65# bales, dry stored under tarp, $5 a bale, Mack area, will help load, call 970-589-3051.

Alfalfa and alfalfa grass mixed hay 3x3 bales, green and leafy, covered, $80 a bale. Corn stock bales, $30 a bale.
Whole oats, $40 a barrel.

Excellent Barn-stored grass and grass/alfalfa mix small bales $6. 3x3’s grass $60. Close in Fruita. Cash only, please. (970) 314-8383.

Grass/straw cow hay, big square 4x4x8’ bales, makes a good extender for good hay, very dry, no spoilage, weight about 1000 lbs. each. Also good for walls, barriers or a firing range. $60 per bale. Steve 970-216-7645 or leave message.

Excellent Quality grass hay, barn stored, no rain, $7 a bale. 970-261-3308

Quality grass hay,
barn stored,
small bales, $6/ bale.
Call Stan 970-640-6880.

Quality horse hay,
grass alfalfa mix, $8/ bale,
New Castle. 970-389-1536.

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